Exciting New Year Ahoy

2023 saw Street Art Ink launch Floating Voices, with maritime tours and our intergenerational arts programme.16 large scale mural artworks were completed across Ireland. Street Art Workshops with 1,000+ participants in schools and businesses across Ireland, as well as our international project in Bali, Indonesia! 25 Guided Maritime and Art Tours in Waterford City. And of course to top it all off, Edel’s first self published book “Not Just a Brick in the Wall”.

Street Art Ink is delighted to be bringing you Floating Voices-an eco educational barge with associated eco arts programme. An important part of Floating Voices is the blog here outlining how to eco-refit the barge vessel, and make it zero carbon emissions. For this reason we are changing the content in this blog for the rest of 2024 and keep it all about eco-refitting information.

So keep tuned for the next blog posts which we hope you will find very useful and interesting if you have a vessel you would like to refit in a similar fashion. Or if you would like to hear about how we commissioned a hand made barge to be built from start to finish.