What a Way to Brighten up a School Entrance

Workshops and Mural Artwork!


Street Art Ink was delighted to work in Ardscoil na Mara in Tramore, Co. Waterford  last month, running workshops and leaving behind a gorgeous mural by artist Juliette Viode. Our theme for this project was local biodiversity, and while the students created stencils of bugs and butterflies in their workshops, Juliette painted plants and insects local to Tramore on the front entrance to the school. What a lovely thing to see every morning!

When the Weather is a Washout


The first day of this project, our workshop coordinator MJ and our artist Juliette were to meet at the school, so they could both get started – but it was not to be! It was Monday March 4th, and a gale was blowing out in Tramore, and even the prom was closed off due to the weather!

However, we here at Street Art Ink are well used to dealing with this type of setback, so Juliette changed her plan and would drive down on the Tuesday to get started, while MJ went ahead with the workshops.

Butterflies, Beetles, and other Bugs


The theme of this project was biodiversity, and the 2 hour workshop focused on layered stencil making. MJ guided the students through the different steps, from choosing an insect, to sketching, stencil design, cutting, layering and spraying. The results were absolutely fantastic, it was great to see the students really engage with the material, and the range of insects they chose was inspiring: By the end of the workshop everyone had a new and different insight on the common insects living in their gardens and hedgerows!


Making a Mural


Thankfully, the storm had blown over by Tuesday, and Juliette arrived bright and early to begin her mural.  


The students had been central in the design process of the mural, which we believe is so important as it creates pride and a sense of ownership in the final piece. They wanted a ‘meadowy’ look to reflect the meadow that they are creating at the front of the school. They included suggestions of local flora and fauna to be incorporated in the final piece.


Juliette had taken all of this on board, and included a peacock butterfly in her piece, a widespread native Irish butterfly which lays its eggs on nettle leaves. She also painted bees (our most popular pollinators) poppies and a gorgeous thistle. The mural took her 6 days to complete, using spray paint and a ladder, and the art piece has completely transformed the school entrance into a gorgeous work of art!



More Workshops Coming Soon!


This month, we have more workshops coming up in schools across the country – If you know of a school who would enjoy a street art workshop or mural artwork, do tell them to get in touch – We really do enjoy working with students and schools!

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